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Locally Harvested...for all Seasons

Fresh Straight from the Farm

Our Head Chef Alex wants you to chow down with a smile when you're at the LGS. It’s not just our way of life, it’s also the reason Alex absolutely loves cooking! We focus on working with local vendors and farmers to create special house-made recipes with the freshest of ingredients. One of Alex’s fav's is Van Ness Farms from Flemington, NJ.

Van Ness Farms delivers fresh fruits and vegetables that were harvested from their fields that very morning. A colorful assortment of organic blueberries, zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, and red cabbage arrive twice weekly, just picked on the farm. In season right now, the LGS vegetable wrap is a colorful, delicious combination of Van Ness veggies. With autumn weather just around the corner, Alex will soon be roasting their squash and cookin’ up some house-made LGS butternut squash bisque...the perfect warm-you-up from the inside soup.

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