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Time To Make The Biscuits!

Pastry Chef Allison sure is kept busy making biscuits. Measuring, mixing, forming, and baking to flaky, soft perfection is an everyday occurrence for her. Our Signature flaky buttermilk biscuits, flavored with fresh herbs and sautéed onions, are baked at 354 degrees for 18 minutes. That combination gives off the most delicious, savory scent while baking. Once they come out hot from the oven, Allison smothers them in melted butter and sprinkles salt on top. She makes over 1,000 biscuits a week for The Black Bass, served both at lunch and dinner, plus more available for sale here at the LGS. One taste - and you'll be hooked. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, be sure to place an order for take-out and get your guests hooked too.

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